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The journal "Food Production Equipment and Technologies" was founded and published by Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after MykhailoTugan-Baranovsky since 1998.

The objective of the collection is to publicize the results of scientific research in the field of food technologies through open access to the publications of researchers, aimed at raising the scientific level and promoting the exchange of knowledge of food industry specialists.

The main tasks of the collection of scientific works "Food Production Equipment and Technologies" are:

- creation of a discussion platform for analyzing and highlighting the latest advances of science in the field of technology, equipment, processes and devices for food production;

- implementation of scientific communication and activation of the development of the international community between scientists and practical expertsof the food industry in the interests of their professional activities;

- placement of information on topical theoretical and applied researches on creation of new advanced technologies and high-performance equipment, systems and means of mechanization of labor-intensive processes and productions, as well as on improvement of organization and increase of efficiency of food and processing enterprises;

- creation of an open information environment that provides interaction between leading specialists and young scientists in the food industry;

- facilitating the development of the scientific school of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Catering and Hotel Business of DonNUET, as well as the expansion of relations with scientific and educational communities;

- publication promotion of the dissertation results for obtaining the scientific degrees of the doctor and candidate of sciences, modern works of young specialists and talented students;

- providing easy, convenient and prompt access to information materials on food technologies.

The editorial board of the articles related to issues of modern ways to increase food quality; modeling and optimization of processes of food products and food industry development; new food technologies; development of advanced high-performance food industry equipment; methods of food quality research; technological aspects of the use of functional ingredients; food safety; improvement of processes and apparatuses of food production.

An important part of the editorial policy is the publication of articles of practical importance for state officials, scientists and other professionals working in the field of food technologies of Ukraine.

Publication frequency - 2 times a year. Deadline for submission of works is the first of December and the first of May.

All articles undergo peer review and selection with scientists and professional experts from Ukraine, neighboring countries and Western Europe.